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RANKED Amongst INDIA'S BEST B-SCHOOLS 2018 by BUSINESS TODAY   |   RECOGNISED by Higher Education Review - Management College of the Year 2016 in the ‘Innovative Leadership’ Category.   |   RANKED by Business Today - Amongst India’s Best B-schools and in the Top 100 Return on Investment, 2016.   |   RATED by Business India - A+ in the Best B-Schools Survey, 2016.   |   GRADED B+ in the B-School Survey, 2017 and featured in the TOP 8 ' Emerging Management Colleges (All-India) ' by CHRONICLE   |   FEATURED by Higher Education Review -Amongst Top 20 Emerging B-Schools in Beyond IIM’s B-School Survey, 2017.   |   RANKED by Business Standard-B2 in the B-School Survey, 2017.

Code of Ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism in Research

  • The institute strives to integrity by repudiating all forms of academic and intellectual dishonesty, including plagiarism
  • For ensuring originality of the content every thesis is checked by Check For Plag (CFP), anti-plagiarism software.
  • Every student of the institute pursuing MMS degree has to check his/her final thesis using plagiarism detector.
  • The thesis is allowed for submission only if the plagiarism checker shows similarity less than 20% prescribed by the college norms.

Process to check malpractices and plagiarism in Research:

  • IT lab assistant is in charge to check malpractices and plagiarism in research projects.
  • At initial level, students are supposed to submit soft copies of research projects.
  • As per process students get 2 to 3 opportunities to check plagiarism and control plagiarism up to 20%.
  • At the end plagiarism report is signed by guide and attached to thesis.

The institute believes that research and education go hand in hand. For empowering research and innovation there is Research committee formed by the institute. Research Committee looks into every matter associated with motivation, facilities, guidance in research work. The Research Committee comprises of Director, HODs and Research Coordinators for promoting various research activities. The institute invites experts to conduct workshops and seminars to promote research and development activities. Faculty members have published many research papers in national/international conferences. List of publications is as follows;

Sr. No. Name of the faculty Title of the paper
1 Dr. Vijay Wagh Role of Ethics in Marketing Decisions
2 Dr. Vijay Wagh Winning Market Strategies Through Effective Customer Relationship Management
3 Dr. Mukesh Goyal Sustaining Competitive Advantage-A Case of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
4 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey Foreign Direct Investment- Emerging Financial Investment
5 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey Why Entrepreneurship fail
6 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey Entrepreneurship Development
7 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey A Study on effectiveness of Supply Chain Management in Organized Retailing
8 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey A Service Marketing Approach to High Technological Innovations Management
9 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey The Analytical Hierarchy Process Approach for Selecting a mid-size automobile
10 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey Infrastructure Development in India
11 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey Integration of ICT’s in quality Improvement in Teacher Education
12 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey Customer Service Strategies and Critical Success Factors in Managing Customer Relationships in Banking Sector
13 Prof.Rahul Sanghavi Analytical Study Of Free Cash Flow On Investment Decision With Reference To Short Term Investment.
14 Prof.Rahul Sanghavi Predicting stock prices using technical analysis tool like trend line, simple moving averages and Fibonacci retracement for short term trading profit.
15 Prof.Rahul Sanghavi Trend analysis of the stock price by using trend line and count back line
16 Prof.Rahul Sanghavi Analyzing high trading volume create accumulation and distribution zone of the stock price to make trading profit.
17 Prof.Rahul Sanghavi Predicting the stock price by using ab=cd legs with help of Fibonacci ratios
18 Prof.Rahul Sanghavi Predicting the new trend of the stock price by using technical analysis tools like trend line and multiple exponential moving averages
19 Prof.Rahul Sanghavi Analysis on nifty50 nse index by using price channel line
20 Prof. Vivek Sharma FDI in Higher Education in India-The Road Ahead
21 Prof.Ritu Chakraborty Analysis of Perspective Growth of Real Estate Rates in Navi Mumbai – With reference to Panvel City
22 Prof.Ritu Chakraborty A study of interface between operations research & statistics
23 Prof.Ritu Chakraborty Role of Technology on Water Resource Management in Rural India
24 Prof.Ritu Chakraborty Role of Technology on Power Distribution in Rural India
25 Prof.Ritu Chakraborty Role of Technology in Media: Leading the way to the Society
26 Prof.Ritu Chakraborty Growth Potential of Inland Water Transport in India
27 Prof. Jyoti Dixit Micro-Money-Manifold through Financial Inclusion
28 Prof. Jyoti Dixit Study of Basel III Norms with respect to Indian Banking Sector
29 Prof. Jyoti Dixit Payment Banks- One level forward in financial inclusion
30 Prof. Jyoti Dixit Role of CSR in value creation of company: Hitting the Jackpot
31 Dr. Yogesh Ingle A Study of India’s FDI Policy and Its Impact on Retail Sector during, 2002-2012
32 Dr. Yogesh Ingle Changing pattern of consumerism as a response to mushrooming of mall’s
33 Dr. Yogesh Ingle FDI: Issues & challenges
34 Dr. Yogesh Ingle A study of India's FDI policy and its impact on Industrial growth from 2002 to 2012
35 Dr. Yogesh Ingle Management wisdom for the 21st century in relation to the Indian economy
36 Dr. Yogesh Ingle Analytical Study of FDI’s Impact on Industrial Growth of India in Last Decade, 2002-2012
37 Dr. Yogesh Ingle The impact of FDI inflow on local companies’: efficiency: evidence from the Indian case
38 Dr. Yogesh Ingle An impact of FDI inflow on local companies’: profitability: evidence from the Indian case
39 Dr.Indira Singh Initial entrepreneurial intent among graduate MBA sophomores of top Business school in India
40 Dr.Indira Singh Entrepreneurial Intention: An exploratory study on antecedent factors
41 Dr.Indira Singh Entrepreneurial Intent-A Review of Literature
42 Dr.Indira Singh Role of Demographic Variables in the Formation of Entrepreneurial Intention
43 Dr.Indira Singh A Study on the Mediatory Role of Attitude, Subjective Norms, Perceived behavioral Control between Contextual Factors and Entrepreneurial Intention
44 Dr.Indira Singh An Exploratory Analysis of Entrepreneurial Intentions Questionnaire
45 Dr.Indira Singh A Study on the Influence of Family Occupation on Entrepreneurial Intentions of Management Students
46 Dr.Indira Singh A study of personal level factors on the entrepreneurial intentions of management students
47 Dr.Divya Jain Implication of Emotional Intelligence in Contemporary Organizations: An empiric al Study
48 Dr.Divya Jain “Role of Neuro - Linguistic Programming towards attaining excellence in imparting knowledge in the Education Field
49 Dr.Divya Jain “Emotional Intelligence & its relationship with Life Satisfaction”
50 Dr.Divya Jain A study on Job Satisfaction & Employee Effectiveness with special reference to Hospitality Industry”
51 Dr.Divya Jain "The influence of Demographic factors on the Satisfaction Level of Hospitality Employees with Special reference to Age, Marital status & Gender diversity
52 Dr.Divya Jain Inclusion of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities in the Academic Fraternity: A critical analysis”
53 Prof. Komal Kashyap Intellectual Property Rights
54 Prof. Komal Kashyap Mergers and Acquisition in present senerio
55 Prof. Komal Kashyap "A Road Map - Impact of Foreign Universities on Indian Management Institute"
56 Prof. Komal Kashyap "A study of growth of Fast Food Industry with reference to shift in Consumer’s Buying Habits in Nagpur City"
57 Prof. Komal Kashyap "Reputation Management for E-commerce Businesses: A Positive Reputation is a Crucial Long Term Asset for E-commerce Success"
58 Prof. Komal Kashyap "Social Media Commerce: The Next Marketing Wave"
59 Prof. Komal Kashyap “Green Marketing : Study of Digital Marketing and Its Impact on Consumers Buying Behaviour”
  • Dr. Mukesh Goyal, Professor at SRBS attended 2-day workshop organized by CII and WeSchool on the subject “Academic Leadership-Changing Paradigms”. Dr. Jagdish Seth, a renowned Management Guru and Professor at Emory University lead the workshop.

    The theme of the workshop includes three following broad areas.
    1. Working through Constraints.
    2. Working with Multiple Stakeholders.
    3. Innovating for the Future.

    The workshop had a fine combination of thought sharing by eminent speakers from academia as well as Industry besides group discussions among the participants and presentations.

    About 48 Principals and Directors from various colleges including Management, Engineering, Pharmacy, Senior colleges and schools participated in the conference.

  • Dr. Deborah L. Ford, Chancellor, University of Wisconsin- Parkside,USA, visited our B-school Campus on Thursday, January 4' 2018. She met the Management, Faculty Members & MMS students of the B-School.

  • Chancellor Ford spoke to MMS Semester II & Semester IV students. Her interactive session stressed upon "Reviewing Leadership Principles in Changing Times". The presentation focused on lessons in Leadership from across the world. The session was well attended by Students and Faculty Members.

  • Dr. Michele Gee, Associate Dean, University of Wisconsin - Parkside,USA, spoke on the topic " The Impact of Social Media on Cross Cultural Management & Workplace Diversity". She shared her experiences across more than 40 countries of the world. The changing dynamics in modern management was discussed with Management Students

  • Dr. Parag Dhumal, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin- Parkside, USA, was present in the discussion with the Management and student interaction which followed.

  • Dr. Abey Kuruvilla, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin - Parkside, also attended the meeting with the Management of SRBS, and interacted with MMS Students of the B-School.




  • Ms. Nirmala Mehendale, Former President, Bombay Management Association, and Director-Mind Movers Management Consultants, spoke to our MMS Students on the topic “Emotional Intelligence”. She shared her experiences, both as a practicing Manager & as a Human Resource Consultant. She impressed upon the B-School students to be aware about the challenges faced in every walk of life and also the role of Emotional Intelligence in being better prepared to deal with them.

  • Mr. Eric Mistry, Practicing Psychotherapist & Behavioral Trainer, gave his insights to the topic “Emotional Intelligence”. He shared his experiences and case studies to dwell with the topic. It was followed by a Question & Answer session.

  • The session was interactive and well attended by Students and Faculty Members on Thursday, October 26, 2017.

  • Sheila Raheja School of Business Management & Research (SRBS) is once again Ranked amongst India's Best B-Schools'2017 by Business Today in its October 2017 Special Issue.

  • 6 Students of SRBS & one Faculty Member attended the Thirteenth M.R.Pai Memorial Award function on Monday, August 21' 2017 at 5:30 P.M. at IMC Chamber of Commerce & Industry premises, Churchgate, Mumbai. Mr. A.P. Hota, MD & CEO, National Payment Corporation of India, was conferred the award. He spoke about his journey at RBI and the changes that he brought in. He shared his valuable insights with the students.

  • 12 Students and one Faculty Member of our B-school attended The Fourteenth Nani A. Palkhiwala Memorial Lecture on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at 6 PM at Y.B. Chavan Centre Auditorium,Mumbai..The speaker, Mrs. Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairman, State Bank of India, dwelt with the topic " How can Bank Mergers Lead to Stakeholder Value Creation'. The session was informative and well received by our students

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