The Master of Management Studies (MMS) degree awarded by Mumbai University which is recently accredited as NAAC A++ accreditation, the highest in Indian universities is a high-quality management degree that’s been rated as one of the top courses to pursue after graduation. This is the best degree to pursue if you’re interested in business management or administration. Recruiters also place a high value on the MMS degree as well. The coursework for this degree is designed by the best academics and industry experts. There’s a lot more emphasis on rigorous practical work along with theoretical concepts. To get a well-placed package for your career, there are some steps that must be followed along with your course. You can include these in your college life and be assured for your future. These suggestions will help you get a well-rounded education, that will make you stand out from the other candidates. It’s your motivation and hard work that will get you a better package. An MMS program will not only help you advance your career, but it will also increase your chances of landing a job in one of India’s highest-paying industries. The salary of an MMS graduate based on specialization has been rising in recent years and is expected to rise even further. MMS candidates are preferred by organizations and MNCs due to their critical logical thinking and complex problem-solving abilities. Due to the high demand for talented graduates, the salary for an MMS graduate is relatively high. Internships: Internship has proved to be an add-on for management student’s experience which ultimately helps organization selecting them on their working ability. With internship a student can have real work life experience in a corporate world which helps him/her preparing themselves for facing real life problems or difficulties. So, these internship experiences can make you stand out from your peers and fetch you a better package. Add-On Courses: Along with curriculum course, online course providers in the area of artificial Intelligence, Data science, Digital marketing, Six Sigma, HR analytics and Risk management by internet educators like Udemy, Coursera, IITs, IIMs etc. can help you gain more technical skills that will make you more industry ready. By enhancing your skills, you can become more attractive to the recruiters as you’ve become an ideal person according to the requirements of the organization.

Gaining Hands-on Experience: It is rightly said that a great source of knowledge is experience. While pursuing a two years MMS program, learning more and more from the different experiences gives you an edge over other graduates. Along with academic excellence one can take experiences by participating in various intra college and inter college competitions. Competitions help you learn about basic principles of management like working in a team, leadership, people management, time management. It sharpens your critical skills and analytical skills which are the most looked for skills in a management graduate. A management program also emphasizes on peer learning and interactive learning which help a person to grow as an individual. To improve your package during your MMS course it is essential for you to be at the top when it comes to participation in competitions and interactive learning.

Webinars, conferences, workshop: Since the learning has shifted to an online platform, conferences, seminars and physical workshops have also turned to a new normal of webinars. Attending webinars by various industry experts and professionals gives you a pulse of the corporate world. Short-term skill development online workshops are also a great way to enhance your skills while pursuing an MMS course. Students can acquire current practical knowledge of the corporate world through these webinars. A lot of webinars are conducted which have topics that boost your creativity. The MMS program is more than an academic course. With these steps, you can improve your overall personality, and communication skills, be more confident and become an excellent leader. It’s the best way to land a great job that pays well. You will be able to work in the department of your choice in your dream company.

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Submitted by: – Sneha Jagushte, Anshika Gupta & Aditya Kavaiya


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