Is graduation the end of a journey or the start of a new phase? After graduation, every student has this question. Because you are at that point in your life where you must decide where your interests lie and whether they would aid you in achieving long-term goals. In today’s competitive environment, where every skill and expertise becomes obsolete, it is essential to keep up with the changing market trends and become efficient. Being a graduate provides you with theoretical understanding of the market or work culture, but it does not provide you with the necessary skill set to function in the real world. Management is at the heart of any organization, whether it’s a small business or a large corporation. Any profession’s worth is enhanced by the ability and knowledge to manage. Some people are born with management skills, but developing them and putting them into practice takes a lot of hard work and devotion.

MBA / MMS help enhance the value of any profession, whether you’re a graduate of arts, sciences, or business. Pursuing an MBA / MMS is a journey   itself, from the beginning of preparation for the entrance examinations through acceptance and graduation. It gives you exposure for the life ahead. In your summer internships, you gain an understanding of the complexities of ‘how things work,’ which helped you land a pre-placement offer and be mentally prepared to see obstacles as opportunities for your growth. Managing people, coping with rejection, public speaking and presenting, hiring people, making budgets and managing targets, completing assessments, being tactful, and many other basic business and life skills will be taught that equip you with all the abilities one need to retain a competitive edge in the market. It also improves employability and gives you a stronger negotiating position. As a result, an MBA / MMS broaden an individual’s perspective to look at numerous aspects of business, to identify gaps and turn them into unique business concepts and opportunities.

Tanisha A Singh
MMS Student
Prof. Krishnakant Lasune
Assistant Professor – Marketing

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