The objective of a good Management Institute is to prepare industry ready professionals for immediate engagement with the industry. To prepare these students we need to understand the requirements of the industry, which makes it imperative to keep up with the demands.  A vibrant industry institute interaction is eminent to promote education with practical knowledge. It is also important to maintain a good Industry institute rapport, the benefit of which is passed on to the students and industry alike.The next thought is how can we as Institutes create a linkage to deliver these opportunities to our students? I find the below suggestions helpful to link the above objectives.

  • We as management faculties can identify how the teaching-learning processes can be improvised by integrating industrial training to our students which stimulates a corporate feeling.. A simple way of doing this would be to present case studies and live examples. Simulation methods would also help in bringing the students closer to real situations.
  • Practical problem solving exercise if regularly followed in all relevant subjects, moulds the student’s thought process to be solution oriented which is always appreciated in the Industry.
  • Along with the above, enhancing interpersonal skills of the students should also be given due importance by conducting regular exercises such as debates, group and panel discussions based on applied knowledge.
  • Inculcating the practice of Innovating thinking must also be encouraged among students by giving them the appropriate brainstorming sessions, 360 degree evaluation, students circle, specialisation and interest based clubs.

We at SRBS conduct Industry-institute interaction activities like seminars, conferences, workshops, webinar sessions with the scope of  discussions aimed to bring together thinkers, experts and practitioners by which our students can benefit from intensive mentoring by enthusiastic and highly committed industry professionals.

Sheila Raheja School of Business Management and Research offers Internship opportunities to students as a part of the course program, for both our BMS as well as the MMS course. Students are encouraged to undertake Summer Internship Projects with industry by working on live projects. This allows them to incorporate their theoretical understanding with practical knowledge which would be subsequently beneficial during their executive placements.

We as faculties also notice a professional and personality development in the student’s analytical thought process, behavior as well as a changed mindset equipped with the skills to tackle the toughest situations in the professional work environment. Moreover we as mentors start seeing in them a ‘Leader of Tomorrow’.

Prof. Darshana Murkibhavi
Assistant Professor – HR

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