Management Development Programme, often known as executive development, is a significant field of human resource management that was originally referred to as the management revolution. The Management Development Programme (MDP) is a training that aims to improve the interaction between all levels of management (subordinate to executive management). The goal of this programme is to develop intermediate management level managers into effective leaders. This equips managers with the capacity to encourage others, allowing them to effectively manage their teams.

It takes a lifetime to develop talents and improve skills. Keeping up with the latest skill sets has become a need in the ever-changing dynamics of corporate management. Management Development Programmes give a chance to study and improve oneself in order to stay relevant and ahead of the competition in the business sector.

A management development program’s objectives:

  • Improving supervisory, organisational, planning, leading, and motivating capacities;
  • Fostering mutual trust, collaboration, and understanding to develop teamwork
  • Ensuring personal growth, which includes expanding the duration of management personnel and structuring their future career by allowing them the room to grow;
  • Improving decision-making abilities in terms of customer satisfaction, employee and vendor relations, and organisational productivity;
  • Creating succession plans for future management roles within the organisation;
  • Developing new company expansion initiatives;
  • Promoting high morale and a positive organisational climate to boost productivity and revenues.

The significance of a management training programme:

  • Enables businesses to adopt a proactive approach to company growth;
  • Motivates workers and enhances employee retention, resulting in a knowledge-driven workforce;
  • Ensures professional development of personnel by executing individual or company-wide training programmes;
  • Assembles a group of innovation managers capable of advancing company and product development;
  • Promotes management succession planning and fosters staff development, which is critical for the firm to go forward through unavoidable scenarios;
  • Assists in gaining a competitive edge over rival organisations with the help of talented managers;
  • Reduces the risk and unpredictability of external management recruiting;
  • Assists in the hiring of qualified management personnel.

Sheila Raheja School of Business Management and Research (SRBS) took an essential step by developing and offering Management Development Program (MDP’s). Dr. Rahul Sanghavi, Head-MDP’s and his team has organized various MDP’s in the past which had a large audience. The quality and outcome of them has resulted in many being repeated. To name few:

  • Pick the Best Stocks – A Growth Approach Using Fundamental and Technical Data
  • Intraday Trading Strategy
  • Basics of Technical Analysis & Swing Trading

Dr. Rahul Sanghavi
Head: Management Development Program
Head: Short Term Certification Program
Head: Entrepreneurship Development Cell
President: Institution Innovation Council (IIC)
Coordinator: National Innovation and Startup policy (NISP)

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