No one can put a price on college life. Simply put, it’s priceless. This experience takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions, preparing you for ups & downs in the real world, contrary to your farfetched dreams. And that is what Sheila Raheja has done for me, it has kept me grounded while I aim for the stars. It has instilled that confidence in me to go the extra mile and make those dreams a reality. I was always told I’m talented but never knew how to fully channelize my potential. The faculty at SRBS helped me tap into this hidden reserve of skills I never knew I possessed. Be it singing, dancing, public speaking, or anchoring, I was always thrown into new and uncomfortable situations by my professors to learn and master unique skill sets. The teachers applauded hard work and encouraged mistakes to help us learn from our shortcomings. The best time of my life was the college fest ‘Svagam’ wherein I saw all the magic that happens backstage to uphold the show onstage. While exploring unchartered territories outside the classroom, I imbibed an inclination towards finance by the first year and took it up as my specialization. And though I have completed 2 years of this wonderful journey, the road ahead still excites me because of the endless stream of opportunities, not just for me but for everyone. In all honesty, I was skeptical at first whether SRBS would be able to assess and enhance my skills to help me grow as an individual. But today I can say beyond a shadow of doubt that the opportunities and exposure that this college has provided me with, I would not have received elsewhere. Not only did it lay the perfect career trajectory for me, but also taught me to have fun while I’m at it.

Dimple Malhotra – SYBMS

Thoughts of a SRBSians SRBS- A place where you see the real you and understand the games of life. An institution which is an intersection of life, money, education, career and more. The inspiration of becoming successful in life comes from our very own Director Dr. H.J.Bhasin. A guide, a philosopher, a friend, a mentor who pushes all his students to shine bright and stand out. BMS- Bachelors in Management Studies, a full time course of 3 years, with 3 major specialisations i.e Human Resource, Marketing & Finance each having significance of its own. For us, the institution is very close to our hearts and so are our professors. A unique combination of Education & Entertainment, all trained professors with rich experience in teaching, pushing the students to take up different opportunities such as Internships, Research papers etc. Life at SRBS is very appealing, a scene where all students would run their creative minds for events be it the college fest- Svagam, the visit by the LIC Committee, Women’s Day Celebration, MatraBhasha Divas and many more, the students have lived up to the expectations. To Conclude, ‘Campus life is that part of your life that you are going to relive in your memories till you breathe’.

Friya Elaivia – SYBMS



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