Out of the box thinking, a zest for innovation and knowledge on your hands…isn’t that you need to think big. Then that big has no limits. At SRBS our endeavor is to fill every student and the youth a passion to become entrepreneurs. Our country and our economy thrive on startups. The basic difference between startup and another company is speed and growth. Building on your ideas and attaching wings to it through continuous improvisation is the key to success. The innovation cell at SRBS aims through its lecture series and events to give that impetus for rapid growth and innovation in the service of an ultimate goal: achieving your dream. No dream however big or small is unachievable. In the words of Ratan Tata “take the stones people throw at you and use them to build a monument”.
The advice and experiences from some highly motivated and intelligent people of the industry and academics make high-spirited professionals who come on the campus bringing value addition which in turn can lead through the toughest of business situations.

Your MMS degree will serve as a threshold for companies to make informed decisions with respect to new businesses as the knowledge gained here will cultivate abilities of financial projections and building compelling business plans. Many companies have faith in their MMS hires and they firmly believe that it has helped them to lead and grow their businesses through their ideas. The business world has seen innumerable examples of young founders and business leaders who have taken up a business from scratch to new heights. Working with startups the MMS post graduates have full control over a concept and a free hand to lead the team to greatness and utilize their education, gained from their Business School.

So are you ready to dream big?

Prof. Arti V. Modi
Assistant Professor(finance)