One of the prime reasons that SRBS is rated amongst Top 10 B-Schools in Mumbai is it’s  passion to bring in the latest technology, which will drive the Corporates in India, closure to the budding manager. Our National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in another feather on the cap where-in plethora of knowledge will be imparted by Industry Experts-Managing Director, Operation Managers, Faculty of Indian Institute of Management and Narsee Monjee.

SRBS is affiliated to University of Mumbai and syllabus of MMS program adheres to the rules and regulations of the University. The agenda behind organizing National and International Conference is to sensitize Management Students on latest developments in the corporate world. This approach not only brings student to the latest development but also provides them an option to choose their future career path in specific domain and ultimately aids in cracking interview of the desired corporate placements.

The concept of A.I. was formally introduced at the Dartmouth conference in 1956, where John McCarthy coined the term ‘Artificial intelligence’. The goal of AI is to make a smart computer system like humans to solve complex problems. In simple term an A.I. involves using computers to do things that traditionally require human intelligence. A.I. works by combining large sets of data with intelligent, iterative processing algorithms to learn from patterns and features in the data that they analyze. Each time an A.I. system runs a round of data processing, it tests and measures its own performance and develops additional expertise.

Hollywood has already taken note of the opportunities and treat that A.I. possess which were very well depicted in movies. The “Terminator” is one of the most popular movies when it comes to portraying the bleak future of a world where A.I. suddenly turns evil and starts killing everyone. Where as in the “Matrix” the quintessential dystopia where humanity’s fear of super intelligent A.I. becomes a reality. Similarly “Ex Machina” where ‘Ava’ is an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) is an AI that possesses substantially greater skills and knowledge than a human being.

The initial Indian cinematic work based on A.I. was the 2010 Tamil movie “Ethiran” or “Robot”. The movie had a remarkable message through humanoid namely “Chitti”, which means consciousness. The movie talks about a problem which was gaining prominence at that time throughout the world regarding the growth of AI. Seven years after Robot was released, in 2017, a short film on Satyajit Ray’s story “Anukul” was released where-in a learned school teacher gets an Android robot named “Anukul” to take care of his household chores.

A.I. holds promising placement opportunities for B-school graduates in Indian Industry as per International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts that the Indian market for AI software, hardware and services will grow to $7.8 billion by 2025, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.2%.

Dr. Rajesh Chouksey

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