The performance of the learners will be evaluated in two Components. One component will be the Internal Assessment component carrying 25% marks and the second component will be the Semester-wise End Examination component carrying 75% marks. The allocation of marks for the Internal Assessment and Semester End Examinations will be as shown below:-

Internal Evaluation: 25 Marks (Written test + Active Class participation)

External Evaluation: 75 Marks (Semester End Examination)
i) Duration: The examination shall be of 2 1⁄2 Hours duration
ii) Theory question paper pattern

There shall be five questions each of 15 marks.

All questions shall be compulsory with internal choice within the questions.

Question may be subdivided into sub-questions a, b, c… and the allocation of marks depends on the weightage of the topic.(Detail question paper pattern has been provided in the syllabus copy)

Passing Standard
The learners to pass a course shall have to obtain a minimum of 40% marks in aggregate for each course where the course consists of Internal Assessment and Semester End Examination. The learners shall obtain minimum of 40% marks (i.e. 10 out of 25) in the
Internal Assessment and 40% marks in Semester End Examination (i.e. 30 Out of 75) separately, to pass the course and minimum of Grade E to pass a particular semester A learner will be said to have passed the course if the learner passes the Internal Assessment and Semester End Examination together.