Ms Jinal Ashok Patel

I am immensely satisfied with the program. In the beginning, we all were extremely apprehensive about what to expect. We had no idea about Capital Markets or how to trade in the Stock market. But Prof. Rahul Sanghavi taught us all the concepts along with practical examples. ... I am really thankful to SRBS and Prof. Rahul Sanghavi for the invaluable knowledge passed on to us.

Mr Pankil Haresh Mehta

The lectures delivered by Prof. Rahul Sanghavi were totally amazing and extremely informative. As a novice in the field, I always felt like I was missing out on something. That is the reason I opted for this program. I got to learn a lot about the highs and lows of the market. I also learnt what technical analysis is all about. ... I had a great time attending these sessions. Thank you Prof. Sanghavi. You taught me a lot and I am now applying all that in real life situations.

Ms Shraddha Laxman Teli

The Technical Analysis part of the program provided me with in-depth knowledge of the Share market . SRBS has truly given us a Solid platform to learn about all the technical aspects of trading. Rahul Sanghavi Sir is a great faculty and I really enjoyed his lectures which were full of knowledge and information. ... I was very enthusiastic and motivated because of the way sir taught us. I would recommend this program to everybody who is interested in trading and knowing more about the stock market.

Mr Anuj Vinod Kadam

The entire program benefited me a lot as I learnt about the working of the Stock market. I understood how to apply theory to practical trading. I also gained ample knowledge to help me increase my earnings, besides doing a full time job. ... I found this program very useful and feel like it was a great investment in terms of money and time.

Mr Harsh Master

The entire program benefited me a lot as I learned about how stock market works. I understood how to apply practical theory in trading. I gained good knowledge about stock trading, which help me to boost my learning’s about the stock trading and it also helps me to do good research work and to invest my money to create wealth. ... I found this program very interesting and useful that it expands my horizon . I would like to thank Prof. Rahul Sanghavi for giving this kind of knowledge and practical experience which help me to invest my hard earned money and to create my own wealth. I would recommend this course to people who are interested in creating their wealth.

Ms Gautami Lad

It was a great experience for me to learn this new program apart from the academics. Rahul sir taught us about the stock markets with so ease that we found all the sessions very useful and informative. I got an opportunity to learn about the technical analysis and how to choose stocks even in difficult situations. ... Thank you Rahul sir and SRBS for giving me this fortuity to learn such a vigorous program. Besides the program part, Sir also gave us the practical knowledge, which made us more to think about the stock and to choose them accordingly.