A brief report on the event by the Convener / organizing Chair

An expert talk was organized entitled on “India’s presidency on G20 – The road ahead” for MMS students of Sheila Raheja School Of Business Management and Research. The expert talk aimed to provide an exposure on the details of the advantages taken lead by India in the year 2023. The resource person for this expert talk was Dr.Sidheswar Panda, Assistant Professor, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT University). He gave a detailed presentation regarding G20 and its advantages to Indian economy in the future. Dr.Sidheswar Panda is working in a renowned institute and has completed his doctoral degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Indore. He is also expert in the field of economics and acted as resource person for various events.

How the knowledge gained will be used for benefit of stake holders (Students, faculty etc.)

The following are the benefits to the students and faculty members by attending the programme through the knowledge gained:

1.   Students and faculties understood the system and functions of G20 countries.

2.   The Audience came across the benefits by leading the G20 event in India.

3.   They understood the unique features of the India’s presidency and economic growth.

4.   Students and faculties learned G20 presidency importance and how it will help to achieve the aim of Indian economy.

Feedback Summary:

(1). Participants:

According to the students and faculties, the expert talk was very useful and insightful. They were able to understand related concepts of G20 in Indian economy. Based on the feedback from all the students, they found it very interesting and informative in respect to finance and economics. Majority of the participants gave feedback as “Excellent” to this event and most of them also stated that, this program should be conducted in offline mode and more often.

(2)  Resource Person:

According to the resource person(s), the students’ participation was very good and interactive. The programme has been well organized. He ask the students to do a self-appraisal and he will guide them accordingly.