Master of Management Studies is a two years full time course affiliated to University of Mumbai. It offers four specializations namely Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Operations.  This Course helps students to develop the confidence needed to take up future leadership challenges. Through live case studies, quizzes, debates, personalized etc. students learn new approaches to decision making and leadership and add value to their career.  SRBS ensures that it delivers quality business education, based on the best pedagogic practices. The program lays the foundation for conceptual and analytical reasoning and gives the students an insight into the dynamics of business. SRBS believes in building leaders through holistic, transformative and innovative education.

SRBS curricula, innovative teaching methods, exposure to industry best practices and experiential learning emphasize the distinctive challenges of managing in the global context. Various projects, action-oriented courses, contemporary studies and student self-governance initiatives help develop critical thinking and leadership skills. To gain Competitive Advantage, SRBS introduces various Add on courses like Microsoft Excel, Digital Marketing, Wealth Management, Grooming Sessions to name a few. The duration of each course is of 30 hours. The course is designed by expert Faculty Member and is delivered to the students.

At SRBS, the range of education extends much beyond classroom teaching. A significant portion of learning and development comes from the life at campus and interaction with fellow students. The essence of the Institute’s teaching has been to develop the student’s mind and to bring it to a level where understanding the fundamentals of everything is essential; fundamentals not just of academics, but also of the various aspects of life that one seems to be losing in this tech-savvy world. As a community the students are well represented through the Student Council that acts as the interface between the students and the Faculty & the administration. There is close interaction of the students with the faculty members and discussions extend beyond the realms of academic pursuits. There is plenty of scope for indulging oneself in curricular and extra-curricular activities that increases the zeal of the student community. There are a variety of sports, cultural and business events throughout the year. These activities not only help in channeling the student’s energy positively but also ensure development of holistic and well-rounded future managers.


The core curriculum of MMS emphases on developing skills and knowledge in various areas. After successfully completing the first year, the students undertake summer internship of 2 months in various companies.  Second year students choose their specialization that suits their interest. Case studies, lectures, group and individual exercises, class projects, student presentations, etc., are used to deliver the courses. Many courses bring in industry experts to integrate classroom learning with industry practice. A list of term-wise and department-wise list of courses taught in the first year currently is as follows:

Program Educational Objective(s) and Program Outcome(s)

PO1 Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
PO2 Foster Analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.
PO3 Ability to develop Value based Leadership ability.
PO4 Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects of business.
PO5 Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.

Course Outcomes

SRBS’s Education program is spread effectively to improve quality management education among managers, across all levels. These program equip students with powerful knowledge, tools and resources to tackle the most complex business challenges of today.

MMS Syllabus Sem I and Sem II

MMS Syllabus Sem III and Sem IV

Core Subject/ Course Electives (Any 3)
Perspective Management Effective and Management Communication
Financial Accounting Business Ethics
Business Statistics Ecommerce
Operations Management Organizational Behavior
Managerial Economics Introduction to Creativity and Innovation Management
Foreign Language (Other than English)
Negotiation and Selling Skills
IT Skills for Management and Technology Platform
Information Technology for Management
Personal Grooming / Personal Effectiveness
Core Subject/ Course Electives (Any 3)
Marketing Management Legal & Tax Aspects of Business
Financial Management Cost & Management Accounting
Operations Research Business Environment
Business Research Methods Ethos in Indian Management
Human Resource Management Corporate Social Responsibilityt
Analysis of Financial Statements
Entrepreneurship Management
Management Information System
Developing teams & Effective leadership
Intellectual Capital and Patenting
International Business Banking and Financial Services Institution
Strategic Management (UA) Investment Banking
Financial Market and Institutions Wealth Management
Corporate Valuation and Mergers & Acquisitions Infra and Project Finance
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Strategic Cost Management
Financial Regulations Commodities Markets
Derivatives and Risk Management Mutual Fund
Summer Internship Financial Modeling
International Finance
International Business Retail Management
Strategic Management (UA) Rural Marketing
Sales Management Marketing Analytics
Marketing Strategy Digital Marketing
Consumer Behaviour Customer Relationship Management
Services Marketing Marketing Research & Analysis
Product & Brand Management Event Management
Summer Internship Health Care Marketing
Distribution & SCM
Tourism Marketing
Marketing of Banking & Financial Services
International Business Personal Growth Laboratory
Strategic Management (UA) Global HRM
Training & Development Employee Branding and Employer Value Proposition
Compensation and Benefits HR Analytics
Competency Based HRM and Performance Management O.S.T.D
Labour Laws and Implications on Industrial Relations HR Audit
HR Planning and Application of Technology in HR Employee Relations, Labour Laws and Alternate Dispute Resolution
Summer Internship
International Business World Class Manufacturing
Strategic Management (UA) Business Process Engineering and Benchmarking
Supply Chain Management Technology Management & Manufacturing Strategy
Operation Analytics Strategic Operations Management
Service Operations Management Industrial Engineering Applications & Management
Manufacturing Resource Planning & Control TQM
Materials Management International Logistics
Summer Internship Quantitative Models in Operations
Summer Internship Productivity Management
Project Management (UA) Commercial Banking
Final Project (300 Marks) Business Analytics
Venture Capital and Private Equity
Project Management (UA) Integrated Marketing Communications
Final Project (300 Marks) Business to Business Marketing
International Marketing
Trends in Marketing
Project Management (UA) OD and Change Management
Final Project (300 Marks) Strategic HRM
Management of Corporate Social Responsibility in Organizations

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