Teachers’ Day is a special occasion to honor and appreciate the dedication and hard work of our educators. At SRBS (Sheila Raheja School of Business Management and Research), this day was celebrated with enthusiasm and warmth. The event was organized by the BMS and MMS students, who put in their best efforts to make it a memorable day for all faculty members.

Opening Ceremony:
The celebration began with the lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the illumination of knowledge, by the esteemed Director, Dr. Harish Kumar S. Phurohit and Geeta Ma’am accompanied by other respected faculty members. This traditional gesture set the tone for the event.

Cultural Performances:
The MMS girls showcased their talent with a graceful prayer dance that left everyone mesmerized. Following this, Ms. Nandani, a first-year student, delivered an inspiring speech, while Tanvi recited a heartwarming poem, both expressing gratitude and admiration for the teachers.

The students of both BMS and MMS came together to entertain their teachers with lively dance performances. The energy and enthusiasm of the students added an element of joy to the celebration.

Games and Fun:
MMS and BMS students together organized a variety of games that brought laughter and joy to the teachers. These fun-filled activities not only entertained but also helped build a stronger bond between the students and teachers.

Gifts and Cake Cutting:
Teachers were showered with thoughtful gifts as a token of appreciation. This was followed by a cake cutting ceremony, symbolizing unity and shared moments of joy. Numerous photographs captured the happiness and togetherness of the occasion.

The Teachers’ Day celebration at SRBS was a resounding success, leaving all the teachers feeling appreciated and cherished. The students’ dedication and efforts in organizing the event were commendable, making it a beautiful and memorable day that ended on a high note of gratitude and appreciation.

Dr.Vaishali Singh
Faculty In Charge

Dr.HarishKumar S.Purohit