Dr. Harish Kumar S. Purohit

In today’s competitive business environment, there is plethora of challenges and opportunities thrown open and it is essential how one equips themselves and resolves at real time. At SRBS we offer MMS/ BMS courses which are one of the most versatile business degrees that are highly sought-after and aid the student to become pragmatic professionals, competent decision and policy makers, while also being empathetic human beings.

Being a student driven B school, we at SRBS encourage our students to take initiatives and manage several curricular and extracurricular activities that gives them ample scope for creativity and originality. This provides an all-round grooming, both in their management career as well an overall holistic approach in their life ahead.

At SRBS, we make our management students into a highly attractive proposition for not only employers that possess sharp business acumen and leadership skills to drive future growth but also are committed to nurturing leaders and entrepreneurs who will empower their organizations in the global economy.

“Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude”