The importance of a national ranking system is to help students choose the best Business School. SRBS is aligned to the philosophy that national ranking ensures that higher educational Institutions strive harder to improve their own rankings. Our Institution provides scholastic education, at par with international standards.

NIRF provides the methodology to rank higher education institutes across the country. It Institutes are ranked on the following five parameters.

  • Teaching, Learning, and Resources
  • Research and Professional Practices
  • Graduation Outcomes
  • Outreach and Inclusivity
  • Perception

Each one of these parameters carries weight. They are divide further on few sub-parameters. 

We believe that this ranking is our best form of publicity and comparison. It goes on to define that the Institute is a cut above the rest, It gives the Institution a better reputation. It is a testimonial that the Institute has worked on every parameter and provided the best resources, infrastructure and facilities to the students.  At SRBS, it is seen as brand building activity. It improves brand perception and puts the spotlight. Students are more attracted to Institutes which have established themselves in the field of Higher Education.

NIRF Ranking improves brand perception and gives the added advantage of word of mouth advertising. SRBS has worked hard to enter the list of Top 100 Institutions. We still have ground to be covered, but positivity and directions of our College Management shall help us to achieve this coveted position one day in the near future. Our Institution participated in 2020 NIRF Rankings and shall endeavor to be ranked amongst the Best, in the very near future.