Reseach Philosophy

Research is process of exploring and discovering new things, improving existing knowledge and applying it to solve business and societal problems. We at SRBS value research with high esteem inside our educational system. Research is part of professional development of SRBS academic staff. For academics research is equally important as teaching as research keeps them more informed and be current in their field.
The academics become researchers in their own class contexts first which makes them action researchers. The academics turn their classrooms into action with empirical research contexts which will not only address the ground level teaching learning problems but also add effectively into teaching pedagogy. The outcomes for students are best when teachers become learners and notice the impact of their teaching on learners. This is the beginnings of an action research approach.
SRBS provides the faculty members the intellectual tools necessary to master the research work and in service training course and FDPs in research methodology to get theoretical background about research problems and provides them active support to conduct active research to address problems faced by students, business and society at large.

Research Activities
  • Guiding the academics and students for Research Area identification at PG/Research Level through Quality R&D projects and motivating faculty for departmental and interdisciplinary academic and action research using appropriate research methodology.
  • Organising International and National Conferences for networking with national and international academic partners and organizing research oriented FDPs for young academic researchers and students.
  • Encouraging faculty members for quality publication on regular basis in reputed national and internal research journals.
  • Publishing a high quality SRBS in-house research journal.
  • Organising MDPs in collaboration with Industry 
  • Organising Faculty Development Programme for initiating Research activities like ‘Research Methodology 
  • Creating a platform to attract collaborative and sponsored research projects from Government agencies, industry and National & International academic partners
  • Applying and deriving funds under minor/major research grants
  • Elevating the level of Collaborative Research leading to consultancy projects, IPR and MDP
  • Encouraging and mentoring students to participate in various seminars, events, conferences to develop their research and analytical skills.


Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Title of the paper National / international Year of publication ISBN/ISSN number of the proceeding Name of the Journal/Conference
1 Dr. T. Rajasekar The Nexus Between Environmental Pollution
Energy Use and Economic Growth of EAGLEs: A Panel Econometric Analysis
International 2023 ISSN: 2320-5199 International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
2 Prof Deepa Manoj Quality of Worklife :
A conceptual framework in education sector
International 2022 ISSN-1226-4741 Korean Review of International Studies
3 Prof Deepa Manoj Evaluating Technology Readiness Index with Purchase Intentions of Working Professionals in Mumbai
India for embedded sim (eSim) technology
International 2022 ISSN-0976-5654 International Journal of Management ICFAI Business School (IBS), Mumbai
4 Dr. Rahul Sanghavi Relative Stength Index (RSI)
a technical analysis tool review article
International 2022 ISSN-2349-6746,ISSN-2349-6738 International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review
5 Prof.Jyoti Dixit Investor Protection:Effect of Takeover Convergence International 2021 ISSN 1934-8835 International Journal of Organizational Analysis             ( ABDC indexed “ B ” grade journal) 
6 Prof.Sandeep Kudtarkar Resetting PPP in Infrastructure Model in India Post-COVID-19 Pandemic International 2021 ISSN 0019-4662  The Indian Economic Journal ( ABDC indexed “ B ” grade journal) 
7 Rahul Bhupendra Sanghavi and Dr. Shripad H. Joshi Analysis of high market volume which helps to establish accumulation and distribution area of the stock price and to allow trading profit by using the chart pattern International 2021 ISSN 2394 – 7780 International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research.4th International Multidisciplinary Conference (online) on “Emerging trends in Business, Education and Digital Technology” 
8 Ritu Chakraborty An exploratory study on Roadmap for the Supply Chain Management in Post Covid – 19 Era National 2021 ISSN 0022-3301 The Journal of Oriental Research, Madras
9 Rahul Bhupendra Sanghavi & Dr. Shripad H. Joshi Predicting the change in long term trend of the stock price by using alligator indicator and trend line to generate the trading profit National 2021 ISSN: P-2455-0515 E- 2394-8450 National Conference (Online Mode) on “war and peace” with COVID: A global Mantra” Journal Name : Educreator Research Journal
10 Prof.Sandeep Kudtarkar Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Economics, Finance and Accounting National 2021 ISSN 0009-188X. The Chartered Accountant” journal published by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (UGC approved journal) 
11 Prof.Sandeep Kudtarkar Telecom-Backbone of India’s Digital Economy: Challenges, Opportunities and Future Trends National 2021 ISSN 0972-3528. The Management Accountant” journal published by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (UGC approved journal) 
12 Prof.Sandeep Kudtarkar Failure of Operational PPP Projects in India Leading to Private Developer’s Apathy to Participate in Future Projects: A Case Study Based Analysis International 2020 ISSN 2574-6081   E-ISSN 2574-609X  Indian Journal of Finance and Banking ( ABDC indexed “ C ” grade journal) 
13 Dinesh Sonkul A study of Reverse logistics and its impact on asset recovery and disposal  National  2020 ISBN 13-978-81-932442-5-8) Sasmira’s Business Review -2020, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Resent Trends and Practices 
14 Dinesh Sonkul Extent of adoption of reverse logistic with reference to product usage International 2020 ISSN 0974-5874 International Journal- Shodh Sarita – UGC Care approved 
15 Prof.Sandeep Kudtarkar Developing Sustainable World Class Local Supply Chain Ecosystem in India during the Corona Pandemic International 2020 ISSN(print): 2644-0490, ISSN(online): 2644-0504, Journal of Economics, Finance and Management 
16 Prof.Sandeep Kudtarkar Critical Analysis of Infrastructure Investment Trust (InviT): An innovative infrastructure finance vehicle in India International 2019 NA International conference on economics and finance II(ICEFII) organized by NMIMS Bangalore 
17 Ritu Chakraborty Evaluation of Consumer Using the Technology Acceptance Model for Grocery Shopping in India International 2019 ISSN 0974-2956 Conference by SIES College of Management Studies
18 Dinesh Sonkul Study on Factor affecting Tourism, Marketing and its Effect International 2019 NA International Journal Business Insights and Transformation-ITM Business School Navi Mumbai  
19 Prof.Sandeep Kudtarkar Indian Cement Industry on path of environment sustainability through innovation and optimization International 2018 ISSN 2278-2540 International Journal of latest technology in engineering, management and applied science
20 Ritu Chakraborty Growth Potential of Inland Water Transport in India International 2018 ISSN – 2279-0489 Commerce, Banking, Economics, Management, Law, Social Science and Environmental ConcernsShurparaka Educational & Medical Trust’s M B Harris College of Arts & A. E.
Kalsekar College of Commerce and Managemnet Nallasopara (W)
21 Dr. Vijay Wagh Winning Market Strategies Through
Effective Customer Relationship Management
International 2017 ISSN 2250-169X International Journal of Vision Research Review Issue XII, Vol-ii, Dec 2016-May 2017
22 Rahul Bhupendra Sanghavi*
Sheetal Hiren Vora**
Bhumika Rahul Sanghavi*** 
Analysis on nifty 50 NSE index by using price channel line

International 2017 ISSN -2348-0653
E- ISSN -2347-856X 
International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review
23 Ritu Chakraborty Role of Technology on Water Resource Management in Rural India International 2017 978-93-5268-327-7 An Era of Transition: Socio- Economic And Legal Perspective in Global Context H.S.N.C. BOARD’S KISHINCHAND CHELLARAM
24 Ritu Chakraborty Role of Technology on Power Distribution in Rural India International 2017 ISSN: 2455-7137 International Journal of Latest Engineering
Research and Applications (IJLERA)
25 Ritu Chakraborty Role of Technology in Media: Leading the way to the Society National 2017 E-ISBN: 978-93-5268-835-7 Media: Leading the way to the societyMatushri Kanbai Lalbai & Motibai Lohana Kanyashala & Balikagruh’s B. L.  Amlani College of Commerce & Economics M. R. Nathwani College of Arts
26 Prof.Sandeep Kudtarkar Financial Product innovations and policy reform for Indian Infrastructure Finance International 2017 ISBN: 978-93-85537-05-9 International conference on economics and finance organized by IBS Mumbai 
27 Dinesh Sonkul Reverse logistic as inventory control technique in E-Retailing  International 2017 (ISSN 2347-9361) International journal of management development and training 
28 Dr. Vijay Wagh Role of Ethics in Marketing Decisions International 2016 ISSN-2319-4707 VRJFCM Issue VIII, Vol-1, Jun 2016-Nov 2016
29 Rahul Bhupendra Sanghavi Predicting the stock price by using ab=cd legs with help of Fibonacci ratios International 2016 ISSN NO: 2348-0653
E-ISSN NO: 2347-856X 
International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review
30 Rahul Bhupendra Sanghavi Predicting the new trend of the stock price by using technical analysis tools like trend line and multiple exponential moving averages National 2016 ISSN 2231-5063. UGC Sponsored Inter-Disciplinary National Conference on Contemporary Issues in New Governance With a Perspective Vision- 2020
31 Ritu Chakraborty  A study of interface between operations research & statistics NA 2016 2278-8794 Bharat College of Arts & Commerce, Badlapur
32 Ritu Chakraborty NA NA 2016 978-93-84283-01-8 Tech-Max Publications
33 Dinesh Sonkul Reverse logistic  National  2016 ISBN 978-81-922159-4-5 International Research Compendium
34 Ritu Chakraborty Mathematical and Statistical – Techniques NA 2016 978-93-84283-01-8 Tech-Max Publications
35 Rahul Bhupendra Sanghavi* Dr.Shripad Joshi ** Predicting stock prices using technical analysis tool like trend line, simple moving averages and Fibonacci retracement for short term trading profit. International 2015 ISSN NO: 2348-0653, E-ISSN NO: 2347-856X International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review
36 Rahul Bhupendra Sanghavi* Dr.Shripad Joshi ** Trend analysis of the stock price by using trend line and count back line International 2015 ISSN NO: 2348-0653
E-ISSN NO: 2347-856X 
International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review
37 Rahul Bhupendra Sanghavi Analyzing high trading volume create accumulation and distribution zone of the stock price to make trading profit. International 2015 ISSN NO: 2349-6738
E-ISSN NO: 2349-6746 
International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review
38 Prof. Jyoti Dixit Micro-Money-Manifold through Financial Inclusion National 2015 ISSN 0976-2507 National 6th  Conference on Innovation: A catalyst to Business  , Anjuman-I-Islam’s, Allana Institute of Management Studies
39 Prof. Jyoti Dixit Study of Basel III Norms with respect to Indian Banking Sector National 2015 ISBN 978-93-85880-11-7 & 93-85880-11X 2nd Annual National Multi- disciplinary Conference V-CMT 2015 on Changing Paradigms in
Commerce, Management & Technology , Vidyalankar School of Information Technology 
40 Prof. Jyoti Dixit Payment Banks- One level forward in financial inclusion International 2015 ISSN 2231-6124 Rizavi International Journal of Research, Volume 5, Issue 1
41 Prof. Jyoti Dixit Role of CSR in value creation of company: Hitting the Jackpot International 2015 ISSN 2278-8794 Episteme: an online Journal of Bharat College of Arts and commerce Volume 5, Issue1
42 Prof. Vivek Sharma FDI in Higher Education in India-The Road Ahead International 2015 ISSN 2395-5147 IIBM’S Journal Of Management Research, Bi-Annual Vol.1 Issue-1, page 24-29 (Jan-June 2015)
43 Ritu Chakraborty Analysis of Perspective Growth of Real Estate Rates in Navi Mumbai – With reference to Panvel City National 2015 ISSN 0976-2507 Innovation: A catalyst to business, Anjuman – I- Islam’s Allana Institute of Management Studies
44 Dr. Yogesh Ingle A study of India’s FDI policy and its impact on Industrial growth from 2002 to 2012 International 2015 ISBN 978-81-910118-7-6 SIOM, Pune
45 Dr. Yogesh Ingle Analytical Study of FDI’s Impact on Industrial Growth of India in Last Decade, 2002-2012 International 2015 ISBN 978-81-931391-4-1 SIES, Nerul, Navi Mumbai
46 Dr. Yogesh Ingle The impact of FDI inflow on local companies’: efficiency: evidence from the Indian case International 2015 ISSN 2251-1571 51, Goldhill Plaza, Singapore
47 Prof.Sandeep Kudtarkar Deming award, a journey towards business excellence  International 2015 ISIN 2319–7668 IOSR Journal of Business and Management
48 Prof.Sandeep Kudtarkar Dialysis Healthcare Delivery in India  National  2015 NA National Healthcare Management Conference  at SIES college of Management, Nerul, Navi Mumbai.
49 Dr. Yogesh Ingle FDI: Issues & challenges National  2014 ISBN: 978-93-5097-458-2 NCRD’s SIMS, Navi Mumbai
50 Dinesh Sonkul Carbon Credit National  2014 ISBN 978-81-922159-3-8 National Symposium on Money, Banking and Finance 
51 Rahul Bhupendra Sanghavi Analytical Study Of Free Cash Flow On Investment Decision With Reference To Short Term Investment. International 2014 ISBN: 978-93-83072-64-4 International Conference on International Year of Light 2014 on Enlightening Imminents of World (Prospects, Challenges and Policies) In Collaboration with University of Mumbai
52 Dr. Yogesh Ingle A Study of India’s FDI Policy and Its Impact on Retail Sector during, 2002-2012 National  2013 ISBN: 978-93-5142-532-8 NCRD’s SIMS, Navi Mumbai
53 Dinesh Sonkul Organisational effectiveness with reference to leadership and change  National  2012 ISBN 978-81-922159-0-7 HR Policies in India 2020
54 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey Infrastructure Development in India National 2012 978-93-81432-16-7 National Conference on “Emerging Strategies for Sustainable Growth and Competition” Pg 149
55 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey Integration of ICT’s in quality Improvement in Teacher Education National 2012 NA National Seminar on “Quality Improvement in secondary Teacher Education”
56 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey Customer Service Strategies and Critical Success Factors in Managing Customer Relationships in Banking Sector National 2012 2277-7830 IBMRD’s Journal of Management and Research by Padmashri Dr Vittalrao Vikhe Patil Founation on “Innovation in Banking & Finance” vol 1, Pg No 41
57 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey The Analytical Hierarchy Process Approach for Selecting a mid-size automobile National 2009 NA National convention of Industrial
Engineers and National seminar, vol 51, A-37
58 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey Foreign Direct Investment- Emerging Financial Investment International 2007 NA International Research Conference on
“Services Management – Issues & Challenges”, Pg No 31
59 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey Why Entrepreneurship fail National 2007 Not published National Conference sponsored by UGC on “Risk Measurement & Management”\
60 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey Entrepreneurship Development National 2007 Not published National conference on on Entrepreneurship Development: evaluation of the overnment policies & programmes “
61 Dr.Rajesh Chouksey A Study on effectiveness of Supply Chain
Management in Organized Retailing
National 2007 Not published National conference on “Designing & Implementing Marketing”
1 Ritu Chakraborty Mathematical and Statistical – Techniques NA 2016 978-93-84283-01-8 Tech-Max Publications
2 Prof. Jyoti Dixit Business Economics-1 (BOOK) NA  2015 ISBN NO.978-93-5224-239-9 Tech-Max Publications
3 Prof. Jyoti Dixit Accountancy & Financial Management-1(BOOK) NA  2015 ISBN NO.978-93-5224-241-2 Tech-Max Publications
4 Prof. Jyoti Dixit Accountancy & Financial Management-II (BOOK) NA  2015 ISBN NO.978-93-86174-11-6 Tech-Max Publications