Sheila Raheja School of Business Management and Research (SRBS) took an essential step by developing and offering the Management Development Program (MDP). These MDPs are designed keeping in view of the ever changing demands on business/professional executives.  The participants are equipped with the latest tools, techniques and skills spanning different streams of management. With the ever changing dynamics of corporate management, keeping abreast with the latest skill sets has become a need of the hour. 

To stay relevant and ahead of competition in the corporate world, Management Development Programs provides an opportunity to learn and upgrade oneself. The content for these programs are designed based on strong analytical understanding of future market trends. The programs offer dynamic management skill sets that give you a head start to take the lead and be an asset at your workplace.

The objective of the MDP’s is to develop managers, executives for better performance on their present job or assignment. To provide a steady source of competent persons at different levels so as to meet the future requirements of the organization.