The recent global pandemic has made the HR leaders realize the need and importance to adopt technology in new ways to face continuing challenges. There has been a complete paradigm shift from the sudden disruptions faced (initial remote working, numerous lockdowns, health scares, hybrid working followed by the Great Resignation year which lead to talent shortages) to now managing them. Also, they must accelerate the adoption of digital business within the purview of future economic risks while protecting the organizational margins and cash flow.

With the changing landscape, it is evident that the HR industry needs to have an overall holistic approach of not only becoming tech savvy and updating themselves with the latest digital tools to undertake their responsibilities skillfully, but also reaching out to their employees with empathy while providing them flexibility. They must also keep them engaged even while they work remotely in a hybrid environment.

Some of the essential skills that any HR must possess to sustain today in the VUCA world are:

  • Explore and Embrace Social Media effectively to boost recruitment efforts, improve employer branding and employee recognitions, networking and strengthen training.
  • To Cultivate Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Skills to elevate employee engagement and team’s performance thus creating a welcoming work environment within the organizations. Showcasing EQ traits sets a precedent for the behaviors expected of the team and their interactions with leadership that will boost business performance and bottom-line results.
  • Develop and Deploy Analytical/ Technical Skills and pay more attention towards digitization not just for operational ability but to review key performance indicators for employee evaluation that will encourage them to develop talent and skills.
  • Implementing and Improving in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to reduce workload while improving overall productivity of business.
  • Leverage and Enable Cloud Architecture for real-time and accurate performance assessment, increase employee engagement using HR systems.
  • Integrating and Interfacing  Blockchain into industry that would offer security encryption of networks that will allow all the stakeholders to share information securely and also allow the recruiters to verify and validate employee data thus standardizing the HR systems to improve its overall quality.

Whatever the future holds for HR, it is a fact that possessing these skills in this age would help enhance the overall skill set, which is essential to being a successful HR.

Prof. Deepa Manoj
Assistant Professor – HR

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