“Marketing for a Better World”


25th March, 2023


It was immense pleasure to have an opportunity to be a part of an insightful and professional International Marketing Conference at Sheila Raheja School of Business Management and Research on the topic ‘Marketing for a Better World’. It helped in gaining knowledge about various contemporary is in the marketing world.

The first session was amazing wherein various esteemed speakers around the world shared their immense knowledge and experience with us in their respective fields. The speakers very well explained current marketing issues, its importance, it’s benefits, it’s applications and need.

The first speaker, Mr. Straford Rodrigues, he is the Head of Media and Marketing Effectiveness, KANTAR, Australia, he explained about Green Marketing. It refers to the practice of creating goods and marketing them based on how environmentally sustainable consumers believe they are. It is the promotion of goods that are thought to be safe for the environment.

The next speaker Mr. Erander Singh, he is Partner Digital Transformation at Persistent Systems, UK, his words were in true and impactful that “Your Network is Your Net-Worth”. It explains a lot that every individual you come to contact with can teach you something and can leave an impact on your life in some way that encourages growth. Every individual and every moment contributes to your growth as a person and to the strengthening of your connections.

The next speaker, Mr Swapnil Dojode, he is Assistant Branding Manager- Marketing, OPPO, India, he provided a clear explanation of Management and “Marketing for Better World” which emphasized the ways in which marketing can enhance the welfare of other stakeholders and institutions. It refers to using marketing strategies and tactics to influence results.

The next speaker, Mr. Ritam Kanungo, he is Senior Manager, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, India, he  provided a clear explanation of  Future of Marketing, he described bow Artificial Intelligence (Al) will play a significant role in influencing business and improving marketing. Therefore will be more customer focused and brands transparency will be utmost important.

The second technical session covered research papers on various topics such as:

  • Influencer Marketing, which explained how influencers helps any business in marketing their own products. It also helps in increases brand awareness Retention marketing was described in terms of how it works to make the most of your current customers worth.
  • Emotional Marketing, how it establishes a strong link with the audience and bring about the desired outcome, persuasive messages that appeal to human emotion are purposefully used.
  • Storytelling, the way a brand employs its product marketers to spread a message to their audience by weaving fact and fiction together.
  • Green Marketing, is the practice of supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly goods and services. It contributes to a more secure future and aids in the protection of the environment
  • Rural Marketing, describes the process of creating, pricing, marketing, and distributing goods and services tailored to rural areas in order to satisfy customers and meet organizational goals.
  • Digital Marketing, campaigns where quickness is crucial, Al is frequently used. Its tools are pieces of software or platforms that utilize artificial intelligence to make choices automatically.
  • Societal Marketing, marketing that has a social component or that takes non-economic factors into account. It aids in improving the company’s reputation and boosts revenue.

The conference as a whole assisted in learning more about contemporary and future issues in Marketing, as well as its requirements and significance. The technical session had a positive effect and would definitely want to attend similar platforms of high octane knowledge sharing.

Aastha Ambalia