In today’s society there is a massive choice of career fields to choose from, and an abundance of well-educated people to compete with for those careers! With so many career choices, finding the right postgraduate educational program to enroll in can be a challenge.

Studying a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) course called as Master in Management studies (MMS) of Mumbai University, is a great choice for those who want to pursue a career in business and management, as this program will provide you with the requisite knowledge, skills and ethics to fit right into the business community.

There are many reasons to study an MMS/MBA, from opening up career opportunities and increasing your earning potential, to gaining business management skills and growing your network.

MMS should be regarded as an investment in your future and there are plenty of advantages for choosing an MBA program. Let us take a look at why you should study an MMS course at SRBS.

High salary potential

One of the main benefits of studying MMS is that it can increase your earning potential. Research into salaries paid out to an individual with an MMS versus salaries of those with other degrees show that there is a significant difference. In comparison to other employees within any establishment, an MMS/MBA graduate is usually better and more heavily compensated. For example The MMS graduate from Sheila Raheja School of Business Management & Research (SRBS) employed by the private or public sector, their salaries range from 4 lac to 12 lac per annum on average. This doubles the amount paid to those with an ‘ordinary’ university degree.

Be your own boss

By successfully completing MMS, many graduates from SRBS have become young entrepreneurs; this is because MMS program is devoted to developing and improving entrepreneurial skills. By enrolling in an MMS program, you can acquire the requisite knowledge and practices needed to potentially develop and operate your own businesses. With an MMS degree program, you’ll be taught business management, planning and even financial handling. These skills will put you in the perfect position to manage your own business effectively, while contributing to the economic development of your country.

Studying MMS at SRBS is the perfect way to learn how to bring your business idea to life with practical skills from industry experts as SRBS has a strong links with local, regional, national and even international businesses and corporations. During MMS program, one can gain real-life experience in starting a business and learn which mistakes to avoid for business growth.

Better career opportunities

An MMS program provides a more diverse and wider field for graduates to expand and grow. There are several core areas covered within MMS course, including human resources, statistics, technology and information systems, economics and finance. All these areas qualify an MBA graduate to pursue a career in multiple areas and businesses, as well as the public sector.

Having an MBA qualification looks great on your CV and will provide you with a competitive edge over other job candidates in today’s highly competitive job market. It demonstrates that you are able to study and learn at a higher level, and that you have the academic capacity to meet certain challenges. The employers also recognise that studying MMS from top leading institute like SRBS takes hard work and dedication, signifying that one is career-driven and passionate about working towards the top positions.

Ideal for business networking

SRBS provides a great base for MMS graduates to meet people and interact with them. They includes recruiters, keynote speakers, old-school businessmen, new entrepreneurs, managing directors, and the list is almost endless.

In short premier institute like SRBS provides you a superhighway to excel in your career and attainl dreams of your life.

Prof. Sandeep Kudtarkar
Assistant Professor – Finance

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