What do atomic habits mean? Atomic means a tiny thing that’s invisible or it’s not clearly visible and habit means one such practice, so tiny habits produce huge results.

Let’s go back to our childhood days. Imagine, you are a 14 -15 year old and you are attending a function and suddenly an aunt approaches you and says “OMG! You have grown up.” Probably the reason behind her exclaimed talk would be that she has met you after a decade. In the meantime you might wonder about no change in you. A change that is seen by others but which you may haven’t realized has gradually happened to you over the years; a simple way of understanding the power of compound.

Small habits can show you giant result but you will not realise it on daily basis it will only be visible when you give it a long period of time even if you just go one percent only one percent a day still you will grow 365% after a year. Between your starting point and your end you had grown 38 Times but instead of growing by 1% every day if you are growing 0.99% in one year you will remain only 3% of what you started. That is crazy.

Second thing now how do we do it and that’s where the most powerful statement of all times comes, it says ‘forget setting goals and targets instead set habits in your life.’ Goals and targets are always a short-term view of looking at things

As a child I always had a goal I want to go to a metro city like Pune-Mumbai and get a job there then I will be happy but when I actually get that job at the age of 23, I realise that I wasn’t feeling happy in what I was doing then I realise I had set a goal and target on myself, it was a very good one and yet life didn’t work out for me so what’s the point of having a goal or target. On what basis do I choose a new goal or a new target and that’s what the reality of life is. Whenever you set a goal or target for yourself like I have to do this by the age of 30, this by the time I am 40, this by the time I am 50 that’s not a goal or target that’s a desire, a wish and that is what you are manifesting into a goal and target but if you achieve it you pat yourself on the back if you don’t achieve it you curse yourself but you never ask the question fundamentally what were the basis or foundation to set goals or target but instead if we commit a habit then it’s a different thing because that’s a habit and the best part of the habit is that as soon as our brain adopt the habit then we can even do that thing unconsciously. Remember the first day when you drove a bike or cycle or car everything was in front of you, you could see every cattle, human, speed breaker, you could hear everything you were fully attentive and focus and today when you ride a cycle or bike or drive a car you talk on phone, listen to music, you are lost in your own world you don’t even remember where are you are going but you reach your destination and you are like wow this is magic. What changed? Driving became a habit that rhythm is establish in your brain in your subconscious so now you don’t have to apply that much of energy to actually drive because

it has become a part of your normal behaviour, that’s  the power of habit. If you fix your habits in life then you can forget about goals and targets you can go much for than that.

It takes time it won’t happen overnight. If you start working towards habit you won’t get the result overnights remember every instance when you decided to become fit what happens, we go to the gym we start running, lift weights or go on a walk. It’s been a week nothing is happening rather my weight has increase. Two weeks, weight is the same we are waking up every morning in cold weather fighting with ourselves nothing is working, it doesn’t work, it’s nonsense, enjoy your life have fun that’s it, we give up and give up because it takes time to establish habits. When child is born, it doesn’t start walking from day one it doesn’t start reading from day one we have to actually be patient we have to make them understand and once they do they learn at their own speed. They start learning, talking, and playing at amazing speed. Habits are like children you have to nurture them we have to be patient and once it’s established then you won’t have to put up a fight, it will just happen automatically.

You can make a habit at any age it doesn’t matter whether you are 18 or 25 or 40 a habit is habit

The four-step process to build habit

  • Make it obvious
  • Make it attractive
  • Make it easy
  • Make it satisfying

A wise man said, it’s not necessary that big habits will change your life if you are able to implement small habits for a very long time you will see a transformed life for yourself.

Raj Tiwari, SYMMS

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