All of us are Quality conscious in our Day to Day Life and shows our concern towards  Quality at every stage in our life. Our day starts from the word Quality and we are very much concerned about  Quality product, Quality time, Quality purchase, Quality achievements in all aspects of life. Are we worried at any time about the Quality  Education? What  is the meaning of Quality Education? Do we give enough importance to Quality in Education system? We have realized the importance of Quality teaching -Learning in the last Decade.

Quality plays  an Important role in Imparting Technical Education in  Higher Educational Institutes. The Quality in the Higher Educational Institutes is ensured and  monitored by   various certifying and regulating bodies constituted at the National levels. Agencies like NAAC and NBA  are the Accreditation Bodies  at the National level  which certify the Quality of the Higher Educational Institutes. Accreditation is a tool that stakeholders use to monitor, assess and evaluate the standards and quality of  education a student receives at a college, university or other institution of higher learning.  Accreditation  by NAAC /NBA  is a process of quality assurance and improvement, whereby a programme in an approved Institution is critically appraised to verify that the Institution or the programme continues to meet and/or exceed the Norms and Standards prescribed by them  from time to time. It is the recognition which indicates that a programme or Institution fulfills those standards.

The purpose of  accreditation is to promote and recognize excellence in technical education in colleges and universities. Institutions, students, employers, and the public at large all benefit from the external verification of quality provided through the accreditation process. They also benefit from the process of continuous quality improvement that is encouraged by the Regulator  to promote excellence in technical education. All stakeholders must insist for  Quality Enhancement in  Technical Institutes /Higher Educational Institutes for  the Quality Assurance of the Education Imparted by the Institutes.

All Institutes should willingly  opt for  Quality Initiatives and certification by the  NAAC / NBA Accreditation for long term sustainability and growth.

Umesh Kantute
Assistant Professor – MMS

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