After finishing undergraduate or postgraduate degrees and obtaining some job experience, some persons hope to be offered a position in management, while others pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. You might believe that your inherent abilities, domain knowledge, and business experience are sufficient for running a business. Would you be correct? No. The world is becoming increasingly complex as a result of globalization and industrialization, which have made the business sector all-powerful and excessively active. In such a situation, organizations must do something more than just domain knowledge in order to succeed. No matter how much experience you have or how well you understand your field, the most important thing to consider is your managerial ability, which is the most difficult characteristic to create. This explains why students are lining up to obtain a management degree in large numbers.

We are not suggesting that it is impossible to establish a firm without a degree in management from a reputable management college in India. A formal education will, however, equip you with the information, abilities, and learning agility necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Let’s see how:

  • Develop interpersonal competence: When you run a business, you also have to deal with people. People who are good at managing things need to work on their interpersonal skills, like communication, leadership, team-building, negotiation, decision-making, and more. Organizations often go through a lot of different changes over the course of their lives. It doesn’t matter how small or big the change is. An effective manager must be able to change with the times and develop new skills. Management schools have a lot of ways for students to get out of their shell and learn these skills through seminars, workshops, skills development programmes, and extra-curricular activities.
  • Understand how businesses works: By taking a management classes at a well-known college like SRBS, you will learn a lot about different tools and techniques that will help you to better understand how the business works. This business knowledge comes in handy later in your career, when critical analytical thinking is needed to find and solve different kinds of business problems.
  • Better understanding of how to behave in the workplace: Summer Internship being a part of their syllabus, Management students get to interact with the corporate world and learn about the challenges of running a business during their internship. It helps them be ready for real-life work.
  • Faster growth in career: Management schools have placement cell that looks for companies which want to come to campus for hiring students. At SRBS, students find a job that fits their needs. If a student is ready to work in the field, companies are also interested in hiring them and are willing to pay them more. SRBS provides different types of training to the management students to make them more likely to get hired by businesses faster than non-management students.

Prof. Dinesh Sonkul

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